Thank-you message to your guests

thank you notes

Thank-you message to your guests

Got a big stack of thank-you notes to write? Congratulations, newlyweds! It means that you’ve got a lot of people who care about you. It’s a good problem to have.

While weddings themselves might not be the traditional affairs they once were, wedding thank-you notes are timelessly thoughtful, classy, and just as meaningful as ever. At a bare minimum, a wedding thank you acknowledges that you received a gift or kindness, and reflects the time and thought that went into giving it with some corresponding effort of its own. That all by itself is important.

But at their best, wedding thank-you notes can remind a friend or loved on how much they mean to you and thank them, not only for adding to your big day, but for being part of your life. And that’s more than important – it’s essential. It’s taking good care of the people who mean the most.

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