Our Approach

A Modern Approach to Wedding Planning, Personal To You

When searching for vendors to help curate and create your event, whether your are a newly engaged couple or private client, we think it’s important to find someone that you can relate to, whom you know you’ll have fun with and that you can trust completely throughout all of the planning and design stages.


Introduction: The journey kicks off with a personal consultation. Our aim is to acquaint ourselves with you, grasp your vision, and comprehend your unique style and preferences. This enables us to tailor our services precisely to align with your aspirations, creating events imbued with a unique essence—occasions and experiences that resonate with your identity.


Financial Oversight: Recognising the significance of adhering to your financial boundaries while orchestrating an exceptional experience is crucial. We keep track of the entire budget on a monthly basis, ensuring that every facet of your celebration is planned within your financial parameters and subsequent choices – no unexpected surprises!


Venue Selection: Choosing the perfect venue is a critical stride in bringing your vision to fruition. We have an extensive network of exclusive venues and breathtaking locations. We’ll carefully curate a selection of options resonating with your style and preferences, ensuring your celebration stands out as truly distinctive.


Vendor Management: To guarantee your event mirrors your essence, we advocate collaborating with top-tier talent. We intricately manage and coordinate every detail, ensuring your celebration is enriched with great talents and vendors that are aligned with your vision.


Bespoke Planning: Recognising that each celebration should be as unique as the hosts, we embark on the journey of developing a fully customised and comprehensive plan. This plan evolves based on the insights gathered as our relationship flourishes, and will mirror your personality, culture, and individual narrative.


Design and Aesthetics: Whether you envision an intimate gathering or a grand spectacle, we will conceptualise and design every element to breathe life into your vision, ensuring a harmonious and enchanting ambiance.


Execution and Coordination: On the big day or weekend, our dedicated team will stand by your side, ensuring flawless execution. Our attention to detail and commitment to perfection will grant you the luxury to relax and relish every precious moment without concern. Our primary focus is on the emotions and the overall experience.


We are excited to learn more about your special event and how we can contribute to making it exceptional!