Wedding Styling

Redefining Tradition With A Modern Approach

Wedding Styling

There is so much to get excited about and so many elements to consider when it comes to the design and styling of your wedding. Join us on a journey, from dreaming up your idea to adding those personal design touches that make your celebration uniquely yours. SANTÉ Weddings & Events will help you create the beautiful, romantic scene you have always dreamed of.


Introduction: Let’s chat and really understand your vision. If you’re not sure which creative direction to take, we’re here to help bring out your ideas. We’ll be asking the right questions to really get to know you while picking up on the small details.


Concept: Next, we create a unique concept that’s not just beautiful but also fits your lifestyle, full of fresh and cool ideas. We think about everything, from the small stuff to the big, wow-factor elements. It’s all about creating a super memorable experience for you and your guests—a thoughtfully designed experience that’s just breathtaking.


Talent Management: We find and manage the talents, designers, products, and services that will make your design come to life. We search for unique details, work with the best suppliers, and discover those hidden gem ideas.


Details: We think about every visual aspect of styling, including flowers, paper goods, special installations, furniture, linens, table items, and decorations. We work hard to find those perfect little touches that bring everything together.


Execution & Styling: Time to bring it all to fruition! On the big day, we’re there making sure all the styling elements come together and all the little details fall into place perfectly.


We are happy to tell you about our options in person. Contact us at for more information and to discuss your requirements. You can also fill in the application form in advance, then we will contact you.