Love – no borders | Boys

The project Love – No Borders by photographer Angelina Popova tries to explore new ways to express yourself on the wedding day. It is still romantic and classy, but out of gender stigma and old fashion style. The imaginary narrative takes you through the choice that is playful, colorful but yet still soft and socked with romanticism. The traditional white color is still present as a linking element of the theme, but more freedom is expressed through forms of garments, light pastel color variations, floral details, and jewellery choice.

– No matter what age, sex, color you are, no matter where you are – the love will find you, hit you, and get you unconditionally. But then you decide to make a big step in it. If you were dreaming about this for a long time how can you be your best this day? –


Creative direction / photographer: Angelina Popova
Wedding Planner / set design:
SANTÉ Weddings & Events
Floral Design:
Rondje bloemen (Yuanyuan Zhou)
Makeup & hairstyle:
Olena Cherednikova
Yizong Chen, Olivia Yao & Treasure Hunter
Michael & Giso
Weiyu Hung, Nata Ryzh, Dries van Noten
De Schoonschrijfster
Florentine Cakes
Table ware/china:
Fabiana Ricardo, Kelvin Brugman, Kele Roberson, Iris Werkman

All-inclusive wedding, Editorial, LGBTQ+, Magazine