Turkey’s gift to the world: The Tulip

Turkey’s gift to the world: The Tulip

Sometimes, the things that shape history come in small packages. Take the tulip for example. The Dutch went crazy over them causing a tulip mania in the 1600’s. People bought and sold bulbs at prices beyond all reason. It was a national obsession–until the market suddenly crashed faster than a blind tightrope walker during an earthquake. Forever after, however, the tulips have been synonymous with Holland. But…

Tulips Aren’t from Holland!

Today Holland is known for tulips, but they actually originated from Turkey. In the 16th century tulips were imported from Turkey to Holland, where they quickly prospered and their popularity spread.

As one of the flower world’s most recognizable species, the Tulip has been a popular choice for brides over the last century. The classic flowers are available in hundreds of unique varieties and in any color you could dream of – far beyond the basic types you see at your local flower shop.

The Tulip is not only a beautiful spring flower, but it is also very versatile. From the flamboyant “Parrot Tulips”, with their curly, twisted, and fringed petals, to the big and showy “Darwin Hybrids”… There’s a tulip for every style and occasion.

Best of all, the tulips are in full bloom right now! So ask your florist to include the flowers into your wedding arrangements if you are planning your wedding this spring.


Tip: to enjoy your fresh tulip bouquet for longer, wrap the bouquet tightly in newspaper and leave them overnight. Then, cut off a couple of centimeters from the stems the next morning. This will prevent the stems from hanging!