The Perks Of The Great Asia Honeymoon

The Perks Of The Great Asia Honeymoon

From a rich culture to the white sandy beaches, we have listed just about a few of our favorite Asian honeymoon destinations. Stay tuned for more, as the next one on this series will dive into another continent to provide you with some of the most beautiful places to be. The inspiration I got for this short blog is based on where I have been to myself, not so long ago, and also on the amazing adventures of my dear friends. I have highlighted some perks of each place, so let’s start.

Jeju Island, South-Korea
From the gorgeous waterfalls to the cheesy museums to the strangely named theme parks; there isn’t a dull moment on South-Korea’s Jeju Island.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Want to experience a mixture of different cultures? Well in that case you might want to consider Kuala Lumpur as a potential honeymoon destination since its mixture of three races (Malays, Chinese and Indian) offer a great diversity.

Nha Trang, Vietnam
If you want to get some exercise done on your honeymoon other than laying around on the beach, a hike to the Ba Ho Waterfalls is worth to try out with your significant other.

Ko Chang Island, Thailand
For the wildlife and nature lovers out there I recommend Koh Chang Island. It is one of the most popular islands in Thailand to relax and get away from the busy daily life.

Bali Island, Indonesia
Among couples Bali can be known for its spa’s and great food, but that is not all. What do you think about a restaurant on a live volcano? Yes, you read correctly, a LIVE volcano…. Enjoy a nice meal at the Madu Sari Mountain Restaurant while taking in the view of the Mount Batur. The perfect Asian honeymoon destination for you!

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Written by Hasti Alamdaran