Using Feng Shui and the 5 senses within Event Design

Using Feng Shui and the 5 senses within Event Design

Feng Shui is the ancient art of placement and design that’s used to balance and enhance the flow of energy or “chi” in living environments. A good Feng Shui design would mean that it is built with a good flow of energy in mind; it has an intelligent, nourishing flow.

To create a healthy and balanced (event) design environment, you should use the 5 Feng Shui elements of nature (water, fire, earth, wood, and metal) in different combinations and form in every room of the space. The wood element is related to natural growth and vibrant health. The fire element brings out high energy levels, passion, and creativity. The earth element helps to generate nourishment, knowledge, and stability in your life. The metal element helps cultivate strength, focus, and independence. The water element is all about wealth, abundance, and fluidity. These 5 elements together should all be in balance.

Imagine walking into an event and facing a design that targeted your 5 senses: a nice relaxing aroma, sensations from different textures, radiant visuals displayed everywhere, some whimsical music that gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day, and even perhaps offering something that you could taste. Here are some examples of how to use each of the 5 senses:

Sight: Mix patterns, textures and colors to appeal the eye. Use accent color furniture pieces or accessories to add a pop of personality to the event space. Think of pillows, rugs, lighting and accessories to complement the design concept.
Sound: An outdoor atmosphere with soothing sounds can be re-created indoors with for instance water fountains or even something as simple as a sound system tucked behind furniture pieces.
Touch: Integrate texture into furniture and decorative pieces, such as having a fur wall for your guests to touch and feel.
Smell: Introduce scents like scented candles or scented sticks. You can also use real fruit or fresh floral pieces if you prefer to use more natural and mild scents.
Taste: Serve refreshments throughout your event, such as infused water, coffee, or floral-infused teas. Coffee and tea also play on the sense of smell and can add a special ambiance to the room.

The 5 senses are important as it increases a more meaningful type of interaction between the audience and the event. Multi-sensory design has the need to create meaningful experiences that goes beyond “making things look pretty” and toward the goal of intellectually and emotionally stimulating their audiences across all platforms. Hitting all those 5 senses will therefore achieve a much more memorable experience, taking it to the next level.